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1980 - 1989

"… The songs are superb, as is the singing, particularly that of Bernadette Da Dalt, It is no way arty or artificial, just very plain and earthy; many British performers could gain a lot from listening to them …"
Rod Stradling - THE SOUTHERN RAG - october-december 1982

"… L'esecuzione è piena di brio, vorticosa, saltellante, come si conviene agli scampoli di un repertorio sul quale è vissuta per secoli la festa contadina …"
M. L. Straniero - LA STAMPA "TUTTOLIBRI" - 3 agosto 1985

"… gradevole, grintoso, vivacissimo …"                                                                                                             
M. L. Straniero - LA STAMPA "TUTTOLIBRI" - 1 marzo 1986

"… Le voix aussi sont naturelles et sans artifice et ce disque est un vrai plasir a ecouter … Les dances, polkas, mazurkas, monferrinas et valzes ont une rare pêche …"
TRADITION VIVANTE, april-june 1986

"TRE MARTELLI have a wonderful oompah directness about them … This is good, straight, enjoyable no frills music played right from their heart the way they feel it. I think it's great!"
Mick Tems - TAPLAS - summer 1986

"The final chorus presented a wall of men whose singing equalled the Wembley roar … It was wonderful."
Cas Smith - FOLK ROOTS - october 1986

"Antologia di notevole ricchezza e di grande fascino esecutivo …"
FOLKNOTES - gennaio 1988

"They're a band who so obviously enjoy what they are doing and they effuse enthusiasm everywhere …"
Keit Hudson - TAPLAS - february 1988

"… For me, the record perfectly captures the ambience of Piemonte: food, wine and wonderful people determined to enjoy life to the full …"
Rod Stradling - FOLK ROOTS - april 1988

"Il disco è di sicuro interesse per gli appassionati del genere …"
R. Sandini - FOLKBULLETIN - aprile 1988

"… Herausragende Sängerin ist Bernadette Da Dalt mit einer angenehm ungekünstelten klaren Stimme …"
MUSIKBLATT - aug/sept 1988

"… Italians Tre Martelli are a real joy to hear … and the vocal duets of Vincenzo "Ciacio" Marchelli and Bernadette Da Dalt were an absolute delight"                                       
Keith Hudson - FOLK ROOTS - november 1989